Create a vocabulary list from a string of text.

  1. Enter text into field, select "Submit".
  2. Once words are sorted, click on terms to create list.
  3. When done, save your list to clipboard by selecting "COPY CSV".
You can then paste your list (Comma Separated Values) elsewhere...such as in a word processor or at the EasyDefine website.

Alternate Methods

Submit a URL - Follow link to alternate page, paste a URL with "http" (not "https").


  1. Drag GrabVocab bookmarklet to bookmarks toolbar in browser.
  2. Navigate to a page where you wish to capture vocabulary words.
  3. Drag-select text in that page and click bookmarklet.

Reload Page

Copy/paste text from a web page, then click SUBMIT to see a list of all words found in that page (except for those in the common words list).

System Messages (Debugging)
(Selected_text is NOT SET.)
inserting text submission form here
prior to text submission current_terms variable is NOT set